Hand Lettered Signage FAQ’s

How much do hand lettered signs cost?


Custom hand written signage including hand drawn logos and some illustration if required. 

Sign work $110 per hour also includes planning and calculations. All materials such as paint, chalk, MDF etc as used are charged to each sign job. I quote on all sign jobs to be done in studio or on-site.


All travel to and from all on-site work is charged to each sign job. Parking if required will be charged to each sign job.


This covers emails, calls, copy content printing and client liaison per stage.

This fee can vary on larger sign jobs.

Can I supply my own blackboards, A-frames, sandwich board, wooden signs acrylic signs, or mirrors?

YES!  Though I am pretty fussy on the type of chalk paint used on blackboards or smooth surface I will be creating on. It may be, with some boards, depending on the condition, I may have to give them a quick coat of chalk paint before I start. Anything at all can be written on providing the surface is good enough.

Can I drop off my own blackboard, A-frame or sandwich board to you?

YES! Any boards/signs supplied by you to be finished can be dropped off and picked up from the studio address unless otherwise arranged. Couriers if required, are organised by you for any drop off and pick up to the Studio @ 73 Dickson Avenue Artarmon NSW 2064 

Between 10am – 5pm Monday to Friday

Do you come on-site to finish my signs?

YES! Depending on location, I will travel to your café, restaurant, shop, bar, club or pub to do the work. Travel and parking costs apply

Are your hand lettered signs permanent or can they be written in chalk?

Usually my clients want a permanent sign, and change at a later date as they need. I can also write in chalk that can be removed easily if needed to be changed regularly.

How can I see some of your sign work?

All of my sign work is on my Instagram site with locations where they are if you want to check them out in person!

What other information will you need?

Content of sign required, measurements of sign area, can the board be taken off the wall or is it fixed on the wall. Will I need a ladder. Will the blackboard need a re-fresh by re-painting. Let’s talk!

Do you do big outdoor signs on awning or buildings?

No, I only do indoor chalkboards and signs.

Can I have a custom colour chalk board other than black?

YES! Chalk paint can be mixed to a specific colour if you want something different other than black background. Let’s talk!

How do I make payment for the work?

BY EFT DIRECT TO MY ACCOUNT I will email an invoice with my bank details for the total cost required for the signage work after completion. Terms are 7 days from invoice date..