About Glenda

Written by Hand. It’s what I do.

I am a calligrapher and lettering artist and love to write by hand with pen, ink, pencil, pastel, paint and chalk. I find everything about handwriting delicious.

Believing that receiving something in the mail, that has been beautifully made and hand addressed, commands attention and evokes a response; you always feel special and excited to receive something that someone has spent time composing. You also feel the same sending something that is both tangible and tactile...something gorgeous. Your guests will love it!!

We forget that the simplicity of a beautifully handwritten place card, menu or addressed envelope can be so delightfully surprising to sit down to, at any event or celebration, or receive by mail. It is so personal. 

I offer many years of professional handwriting and signage experience combining writing for events, live in-store calligraphy activations, commission pieces and all manner of celebrations, through to commercial hand lettered signage.  

Thanks for visiting!

Glenda x